Our Team

Tom Corner, Partner

Tom Corner started his insurance career in 1981 as a company adjuster and became an independent adjuster a few years later. He is all-lines licensed and holds FCIP and CFEI designations. Tom has handled a wide range of claims including, a multi-million dollar grocery store fire, massive water damage claims, catastrophic injuries, large fiduciary bond losses, sport injuries, products liability and CAT losses (eg. Quebec Ice Storm). Tom has been on insurance executive boards of the OIAA and The Insurance Institute and is the recipient of the David McLaughlin Insurance Award for his contributions to the insurance industry and community. He is also a contributor to the industry magazine called "WP". In his spare time, Tom has been a player, coach and volunteer board member for various sports organizations.

Steve Higgins, Partner

Steve Higgins began his adjusting career in 1981 with a major independent adjusting firm. Seven years later in 1988, Steve partnered with Mark Santucci to found Santucci and Higgins Adjusters Inc, in Hamilton. After a successful partnership of 16 years, the firm became Claims Services International (CSI) and the company has since successfuly grown to cover the Greater Toronto Area as well as Hamilton and the Niagara Peninsula. For more than 25 years, Steve has met the challenges of succeeding as a principal in an independent adjusting firm and has handled a vast array of complex claims as well as managing teams in a catastrophic claim scenario. Steve is fully licensed in all classes by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Mark Ivezic

Mark Ivezic started as an insurance adjuster in 1999 and since then his experience has crossed all lines including, automobile property damage, accident benefits and bodily injury, property, casualty, errors and omissions, transportation cargo and liability.  Mark has handled multi-million dollar commercial and residential property losses and all aspects of municipal liability claims.  He completed the two-year Mohawk College Insurance Program.  He holds his "Certified Insurance Professional" designation and holds an all lines Independent Adjusters license from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Garry Alblas

Garry Alblas' career as an insurance adjuster began in 1984.  Since that time he has gained deep experience in handling residential and commercial property and liability losses.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University and a Business Administrations degree from Seneca College.  Garry has his CIP designation and holds an Independent Insurance Adjusters license for Property and Liability.

John Mah

John Mah started his career as an insurance adjuster in 1987. Since that time, John has gained much experience in appraising Automobile Physical Damages, handling small to medium sized residential and commercial property losses. This also includes Liability losses in property and automobile bodily injury.

In addition, John has experience in many CAT losses including hail storms, sewer backups and ice storms.

John has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. John has his CIP designation and holds an Independent Insurance Adjuster license in Property and Liability. 


Matt Connon

Matt Connon started adjusting automobile claims in 1989 and became an all-lines adjuster in 1990.  Matt has handled large farm losses, complex government liability claims (including road liability and malicious prosecution), and multi-million dollar commercial and residential property losses.  He worked as a control adjuster for a national trucking account and he is presently the control adjuster for a local school board where he has handled large property claims, often involving complex asbestos abatement.  Matt received his Honours BA from Wilfred Laurier University and holds a Certified Insurance Professional designation.  In addition, he has an all-lines Independent Adjuster's license from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Michela Philpott

Michela Philpott started adjusting claims in 1995 and has acquired experience in a field and non-field capacity and catastrophic and non-catastrophic capacity.  In her tenure at CSI, she has adjusted claims from PD/Auto;  Accident Benefits;  Liability to Residential and Commercial Fire losses.  She presently focuses on Property and Casualty claims.  She is a Certified Insurance Professional and is licensed to adjust all lines of claims in the Province of Ontario.

Carolyn Drambalas

Carolyn Drambalas has been an adjuster since 1995, specializing in the field of special investigation for the last 15 years.  Carolyn obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and holds an all lines Independent Insurance license from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and has earned her CIP designation.
Carolyn has been a control adjuster for large accounts, many of which had multi-disciplinary adjusting needs.

Special Investigations Unit Team

Jim Goertz

Jim Goertz began his insurance career in 1996 in the Special Investigation Unit of Royal Insurance.  He specialized in auto theft, property and fire/arson investigations.  Jim has been involved in the investigation of over 250 fires, some of which have resulted in criminal convictions for arson.  His investigations have also supported subrogation efforts.  Jim's expertise in auto theft investigations grew out of his experience with Peel Regional Police, where he served from 1977 to 1996.  He attained rank of Detective and worked in Fraud, Criminal Investigations and Commercial Auto Theft Bureaus.  He was declared an expert witness in Criminal & Civil Court as a Fraud Examiner and also a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator.  Currently, Jim is involved in the investigation of auto thefts, property related claims, fires, Accident Benefits investigations, and witness locates.

Joe Fiume

Joe Fiume retired from policing after 33 years with a major GTA police service.  During that time, his training included surveillance, major case management, fraud, fire cause and determination, advanced vehicle theft investigation, forensic disciplines including fingerprinting, photography and archaeological (remains) recovery and advanced investigative interviewing.  His criminal investigations resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars worth of stolen property annually. Joe carries WSIB Health and Safety certification and has conducted and assisted in WSIB Critical Injury Investigations.  In 2010, he joined CSI's Special Investigation Unit.  In that role, he has investigated suspicious claims and has consulted with CSI's adjusters on complex and difficult claims.